Mentee Testimonials:

  • “The mentoring program has provided me with knowledge that I will hold on to for the rest of my life.” “I am a more confident, intelligent, and strong black woman because of my mentors and fellow mentees who have always pushed me to be the best version of myself.” - Kaitlyn S. (Mentee)


  • “This mentoring program was the foundation I needed to better myself and those around me.” - Andreas N. (Mentee)


  • “It has impacted the woman I am today and my college experience, especially those topics which addressed the importance of the Personal Brand, Public Speaking, and Dining Etiquette.” – Briana D. (Mentee)


  • “Each of the Mentoring Sessions unlocked something inside of me that helped me realize my professional potential; they provided me an immense amount of tools that I still utilize today.” – Breanna J. (Mentee)


  • “I have witnessed the benefits the mentoring sessions have bestowed upon my child’s abilities to succeed.” - B. Smith (Parent & Mentor)


  • “After being a part of this wonderful Mentoring Program, it still amazes me how this awesome group of Mentors are so committed to the youth in our community.”  - N. Nelson (Parent)


  • “The Mentoring Program has benefited our three sons.  They were exposed to countless educational opportunities, and given advice that will serve as a guiding light throughout their lives.  The Program has truly been a blessing to our family.” – K.  & V. Fuller (Parents)


  • “The creative leadership, along with the committed cadre of supportive female and male mentors, and other consistent, exceptional professional volunteers, has created a ‘rare, transformative’ model of mentoring.  This model could serve to set the example and heighten the ‘relevancy of co-ed mentoring’ for many others to follow.” - Dr. A. Albright (Mentoring Partner)


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