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 About Us:

Fashion Kids


Who are we, and what are we to your Son and/or Daughter?


  • We are a Committed, Resourceful Team of Professional Men and Women Passionate about preparing your Son and/or Daughter for life’s opportunities and challenges.

  • We serve as a “Well of Positivity & Encouragement”


Our Objective:  Support our young men and women throughout their journey toward becoming educated, productive, and positive influences at Home, School, and Community; to assist parents with their child’s transition from adolescence to adulthood.


Who are we?

"If not us, then who will best prepare our youth for today's and tomorrow's opportunities and its challenges"
            TLI Mentors
Engage and Inspire...
Father and Son Baking

Our Mission:


Mission & Purpose :  To provide and be of service to underserved communities by implementing, assisting and creating educational, civic, charitable, benevolent, and professional services, programs, and activities primarily to/for the benefit of underserved young men and women.


The mission and purpose of this organization shall be to:


  • Mentor underserved youth and young adults

  • Engage and inspire young persons to develop a success mentality, and live a life they did not know was possible

  • Develop and transform young persons into the leaders they are meant to be

  • Inspire and empower youth to live their best life

  • Serve humanity by creating a ripple effect of positive youth leadership


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