Mentoring Program:

The Leadership Initiative (TLI), a 501(c)(3) - Illinois Non-Profit Corporation, teams young persons with accomplished professionals who offer weekly group mentoring sessions throughout Chicago’s Western Suburbs, and its greater communities.  TLI places extreme emphasis on the value of a quality education and its keys to successful academic, personal, and professional outcomes.  The Program also offers health & wellness and financial literacy seminars; business etiquette workshops; field trips to technology, cultural, and community service events.


The Leadership Initiative’s Mission:


  • “Engage and Inspire young persons to develop a success mentality, and live a life they did not know was possible.”


  • “To serve humanity by creating a ripple effect of positive youth leadership.”


  • Our adage: “If not us then who will best prepare our young persons for today's' and tomorrow’s opportunities and its challenges”   

About The Leadership Initiative’s Western Suburb Mentoring Program:


  • Sessions are held Saturday mornings from 10:00 a.m. until 12:00 noon, September through May, unless otherwise noted.

  • The Program is curriculum based, and designed to provide its Mentees the necessary knowledge, strategies, and skill sets which will equip them with a high degree of confidence, and a competitive temperament to succeed academically, socially, and professionally in their current and post-secondary endeavors.

  • Curriculum topics include Personal Branding; the arts of Listening, Public Speaking and Debate; Self-Esteem; Health & Wellness; Anger Management and Conflict Resolution; Professional, Social and Dining Etiquette; Financial Literacy; S.T.E.M.; and setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals.

  • Field trips to technology, academic, cultural and sporting events round out our Mentoring Program.

  • All subject matter presented are interactive, and designed to strengthen all aspects of a Mentee's development.

  • Our target demographic is African-American youth ages 11 – 18, or in Grades 6 – 12.  However, youth from all ethnic backgrounds are invited to participate, provided they meet the age and/or grade demographic.

Aside from our target demographic and attendance requirements, we do not impose any strict guidelines around eligibility for the Mentoring Program.  However, to achieve any degree of success, it is imperative that students, parents/guardians, and Mentors are actively engaged and in support of the collaborative endeavor.


Students consistently engaged with the Mentoring Program, establish and maintain a high degree of academic engagement and enrichment, respects adult authority, develop healthy self-esteem, and are eager to formulate sound actions plans to achieve desired personal, academic, and professional outcomes.

Additionally, our Mentoring Program is designed to provide a framework which assist parents with their child’s transition from adolescence to adulthood.

Questions pertaining to The Leadership Initiative’s Mentoring Program may be directed to my attention.



Albert G. Demming, President

The Leadership Initiative

Western Suburb Mentoring Site Leader

(630) 803-1264

"Engage and Inspire young persons to develop a success mentality, and live a life they did not know was possible”

"To serve humanity by creating a ripple effect of positive youth leadership"


       Mentoring Program :

Becoming a Volunteer Mentor:

For requests to serve as a Volunteer Mentor for The Leadership Initiative (TLI):


  • Upon receiving an inquiry/request to serve as a Volunteer Mentor, the candidate shall be properly vetted.

  • The candidate shall deliver their resume and three (3) character references to a member of The Leadership Initiative's Board of Directors.

  • Upon reviewing the candidates credentials, and receiving favorable feedback from references, the candidate shall submit to a background check, at their expense, within thirty (30) days of being asked.  The background check will be performed by a company designated by TLI.

  • Upon receiving favorable results from the background check, the candidate shall be scheduled for a formal interview with TLI Board Members.  Upon favorable feedback from the interview, the candidate shall be granted an opportunity to serve as a Volunteer Mentor.


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